Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

These are small data files which are saved on your computer which collect certain personal information about you, which are kept intact and neat also strictly not used for marketing purpose.

Why do we use cookies?

RMR website certainly uses cookies to collection information that validates you to be a valid user over our site. We set various cookies that are saved on your system (client™s end), so that every time you login to our domain you™ll be recognized without filling all the mandatory information again and again, in order to provide you better services in the future.

We use the following cookies:

  • A Necessary Cookies: Cookies required to fulfill the necessity of our website™s certain operations. These cookies allows to log in to the most secured and authentic areas of our website. They are strictly not used to gather your personal information for the marketing purpose or to keep the track of your location on the internet or any other malevolent purpose.
  • Analytical/performance Cookies: These cookies are used to collect information about how you are using our website, to keep the track anonymously whether any error occurred while you were using the website and to record many other performance based information to improve the overall working of our website.
  • A Functionality Cookies: Allows us to identify your name whenever you log in, so that we can greet you with your name leaving a mark of remembrance our individual user from thousands of users and how improved your visits are.Targeting Cookies: These cookies records the links, pages you have visited while you were logged in. Also such cookies are linked to the third party services such as Like and Share.

We™ll keep you updated with the information about all the cookies we™ll use in order to improve the performance of the website.

NOTE: Cookies which are necessary for the operation of the website are automatically deleted or expires after you log out of the website. Other general cookies needs to be manually deleted from the system.

Manage the cookies from your browser controls:

Every browser provides some tools that can be used in order to manage the cookies: accept, reject or delete them. These settings can be managed by the preferences™ or options™ browser menu.

Following links could help you manage the cookies for different web browsers:

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