Managed Services

Benefits of RMR Managed Services

  • Impressive reductions in locum costs
  • Custom built yendor management portal
  • Improve productivity & quality
  • Provision of a world class service
  • Dedicated account team, available 24/7
  • Comprehensive MI Reports
  • Access to consultancy advice & solutions to reduce spending while increasing efficiency and maintaining quality

RMR success in managing both difficult and complex recruiting projects is due to two very important factors. Firstly, the high level of expertise in all our consultants is directed to a hands on and practical approach to all of their consulting activities. Secondly, we work together as a cohesive group of professionals who have a strong communication channel within RMR throughout the client’s network. These ingredients have repeatedly produced results, and at the end of the day, it is the results, which are important in any project

RMR Managed Services implements a Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) and negotiates favorable rates with the agencies on the PSL. The PSL would be based around agencies known to the client and being ones they wish to continue to use, plus from agencies we have experience of working with in the past. We would envisage looking at a wide range of agencies, depending on the needs of the business. Initially we could conduct a PSL internal audit from the business.

As Agency Manager RMR would:

  • Establish or build upon Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the agencies on the PSL
  • Manage and conduct agency briefings
  • Issue job specifications
  • Log and process the response from the agencies
  • Act as a conduit for all interviews with the company
  • Monitor the agencies performance against the SLA
  • Produce a quarterly report on overall performance of the agencies on the PSL

Redeployment & Outsourcing

The commercial environment constantly changes. Organisations must respond to whatever substantial changes occur and the new opportunities as they arise. As a result the capabilities and size of your current team will not always fit your future plans.  RMR runs a wide variety of redeployment and outplacement programmes for businesses in such situations. Our programmes are designed to manage either redeployment or separation in a manner that best supports operational need, and to do so in a way that addresses legal issues and provides affected staff with support.

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