MI Reports

Management Information
Our recruitment software enables us to track every request that we receive from our clients.  This enables us to provide detailed Management Information reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  The content of these reports can be fully customised to meet our client’s requirements.

A selection of our report’s can include the following:

  • Number of requests for staff received (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Number of confirmed bookings (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Fill rates (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Conversion rates (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Cancellation rates (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Unfilled requests ((by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Performance of staff provided (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Response times (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Lead times (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Complaints (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Any demand (by specialty/grade/hours/rate/department)
  • Identification of any specific staff shortage areas

All management information can be presented either electronically or via a hard copy should the client prefer.

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