Friday 7, April 2017

RGN x2 Required from 17th April till 28th May for Days and Nights “block blooking”

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Due to the new financial year and newly appointed budget One of Our Clients based in the South West is looking for 2 RGN’s to cover one the below Block Bookings for Days Block Bookings for Nighst Mixture of Days/Nights..

Wednesday 12, October 2016

The benefits of working as an RGN locum

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If you have a naturally caring side, are always striving to make others around you feel great and have a strong underlying sense of determination, then working as a nurse may be the perfect career choice for you. For some,..

Monday 10, October 2016

Locum agency myths debunked

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Locum agency workers play an important part in up-holding the healthcare services of Britain, providing the ‘missing link’ and bringing teams together across a wide range of medical services and disciplines in the UK. However, as an unconventional career path,..

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Thursday 6, October 2016

Inspiring the next generation of medicine

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While there are a number of factors contributing towards the on-going challenges faced by the NHS, the recruitment crisis and staffing shortages continue to affect the service offered by the nation’s healthcare provider. Without sustainable workforce numbers, patients can’t be..

Wednesday 5, October 2016

How to progress in your career while using a locum agency

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No matter which industry you work in, being able to progress in a career is important to many people within the professional landscape. While joining a locum agency as a doctor, nurse or any other medical specialist may not be..

Friday 30, September 2016

Why joining a locum agency is a great way to start a medical career

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Recently qualified medical graduates may feel cautious about entering the workplace amidst the sea of headlines and politics addressing the state of the NHS. For many, finishing training and starting to practise as a doctor or nurse sparks fears of..

Wednesday 28, September 2016

How will Brexit affect the NHS?

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Three months after the Brexit vote, the UK is still left speculating over the actual impact that leaving the EU will have on the nation, and when it might happen. It is expected that the vote to leave will affect..

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Tuesday 27, September 2016

RMR Recruitment supplies specialist nurses to Frimley Health trust as UK staffing shortage continues

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RMR Recruitment is helping to ease the growing nursing staffing crisis within the UK, as it announces its partnership with Frimley Health trust. The leading locum agency will be supplying RGN locums, as well as specially trained paediatric, A&E, ITU/CCU,..

Friday 23, September 2016

Why you should become a HCA locum

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Embarking on a career as a health and social care worker can be very rewarding, especially for those that enjoy helping others and making a positive change to their clients lives. However, the care industry is often faced with cuts..

7 day nhs
Friday 23, September 2016

Is the 7 day NHS possible?

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Although discussions about improving Britain’s healthcare service during the weekends are not new, the subject is now a top priority for the UK Government. A pledge for a 7 day NHS service, using data which suggested patients were 16% more..