Pay and Benefits

RMR Recruitment are renown in the industry for being one of the very best payers.  We believe in rewarding our Nurses and Care Support Workers,  with pay rates that reflect their skills and the demands on their workload.

A selection of our Benefits include:

  • Pay rates that are amongst the highest in the country.
  • Contribution to mileage claims
  • Accommodation provision
  • Application for DBS
  • Referal bonus scheme
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual awards

We offer all our candidates the opportunity to work through the payment method of your choice:

Umbrella Company
This method is the most popular amongst all our candidates. It is possible to claim back a percentage of your expenses back as a tax as a contractor for RMR Recruitment and an employee for an Umbrella Company. You send us and the umbrella company copies of your signed time sheets. The Umbrella Company then invoices RMR, we pay the umbrella company and they pay you weekly every Friday.

Limited Company
This is where you have your own Limited Company.  Your Limited Company must have its own company bank account and we request a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the bank details.  As a named Director of the Company you will be responsible to ensure that you send us copies of you time sheet and an invoice.  You payments will be made into the company bank account provided, weekly on Friday.

PAYE (Pay As You Earn)
Using the PAYE method of payment RMR Recruitment is your employer. You send us your signed time sheets which we will then immediately process – the Inland Revenue will be calculating all your tax and National Insurance contributions and your pay is transferred to your bank or building society account.