Pay and Benefits

We believe in rewarding our candidates, with pay rates that reflect their skills and the demands on their workload.

We offer all our candidates the opportunity to work through the payment method of your choice:

Umbrella Company

We have selected providers based on range of services, cost to the worker, compliance, and service quality. We can get our preferred suppliers to give you a call. should you be interested in using this route.

If you wish to use a provider who isn’t part of our PSL, we will need to thoroughly vet them prior to making payment. This helps us ensure that their services carry no risk to RMR Recruitment and, more importantly, no risk to you. Some companies use loans, “profit sharing” bonuses, and marketing or job board credits to artificially increase the amount of pay you take home. HMRC is pursuing these umbrellas and the individuals using them, which could result in a large bill for unpaid taxes, interest, and penalties. We take tax compliance seriously, and as a result of our vetting process, we may not be able to work with every umbrella company.

PAYE (Pay As You Earn)
Using the PAYE method of payment RMR Recruitment is your employer. You send us your signed time sheets which we will then immediately process – the Inland Revenue will be calculating all your tax and National Insurance contributions and your pay is transferred to your bank or building society account.

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