Revalidation Doctors

Revalidation for Doctors

All licensed Doctors must undergo a process of revalidation. This is to demonstrate to the GMC (General Medical Council) that you are up to date with all relevant training and can comply with current professional standards. For this reason, revalidation is essential to all medical practitioners looking to gain locum doctor jobs.

During revalidation, a doctor’s performance is assessed through an annual appraisal. All information from this appraisal is given to a Responsible Officer who will then make a recommendation to the GMC about the competency of the doctor in question. Revalidation must happen every 5 years

What must I do during the revalidation process?

Doctors must provide a number of documents and information in order to demonstrate their medical capability. During revalidation, the following sections are needed:

  • Evidence of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) i.e. training course, performance reports
  • Quality improvement
  • Serious Untoward Events
  • Feedback from colleagues
  • Feedback from patients
  • Review of complaints and commendation

How RMR Recruitment can assist with revalidation

At RMR Recruitment we are committed to helping our clients find locum doctor jobs that are suited to them. Part of this is by helping them with the revalidation process. We can provide you with:

  • A dedicated Responsible Officer and Revalidation Body that works with you individually
  • Appraisal meetings that are arranged around your availability
  • Training on appraisal and revalidation preparation procedures

Improving your CPD for revalidation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is also a requirement for revalidation,  To assist you in your career progression, we give you up to date information about all CPD courses  and can give you the opportunity to attend any that you desire.

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